007 Footloose Offender Services, Inc. provides services for offender supervision to the criminal justice and correctional community by way of offering monitoring services for accused and convicted offenders. We provide state of the art monitoring equipment and partners with the most advanced technology monitoring service to ensure the safety of the general public.


The services we offer include Complete Offender Monitoring, available 24/7 through state of the art GPS/ RF equipment. Our equipment is monitored online through web-based access 24 hours 7 days a week. We have skilled agents available 24 hours to meet the needs of any electronic monitoring services. 007 Footloose Offender Services provides premier alcohol monitoring SCRAM units allowing the court system, probation offices and law enforcement daily tracking levels of alcohol for DUI offenders or offenses where alcohol usage was involved. Our advanced technology monitoring also allows us to track specific real time monitoring of the offenders locations as well as his or her movements at all time.

Our services allow all retained documentation to be shared with the court systems, probation officers as well as rehabilitation professionals. We also offer expert witness court assistance when requested.

007 Footloose Offender Services offers advantages to Attorney’s negotiating with Judges high bond reductions with inclusion of GPS electronic monitoring. Sheriff’s, Counties, and Municipalities budgets benefit by allowing defendants to sleep in their own beds and maintain jobs taking care of their families.

Our goal is for production of defendants and safety to all communities.

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